Completed Theses

Master Theses

  • Generative Adversarial Networks for Content-based Retrieval of Multispectral Images, TU Berlin, 2019.
    Chen, Xuelei

  • Deep Active Learning for Object Detection, TU Berlin, 2019.
    Möller, Peter

  • Deep Captioning for Analysis of Remote Sensing Images in Large Archives, TU Berlinss, 2019.
    Nayak, Sonali

  • Deep Generative Models for Nonlinear Inverse Problems and Phase Retrieval, TU Berlin, 2019.
    Reiche, Martin

  • Analysis of Deep Learning Loss Functions for Multi-Label Remote Sensing Image Classification, TU Berlin, 2020.
    Yessou, Hichame

  • An End-to-End Framework for Processing and Analysis of Big Data in Earth Observation, TU Berlin, 2020.
    Bahr, Viktor Florian

  • Deep Multi-Modal Hashing for Content-based Retrieval of Sentinel Images, TU Berlin, 2020.
    Bank, Hasan

  • Explaining and Interpreting CNNs for Classification of High Dimensional Satellite Images, TU Berlin, 2021.
    Chowdhury, Ananya Bhanja

  • Large-Scale Contrastive Representation Learning for Content-based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, TU Berlin, 2021.
    Clasen, Kai Norman

  • Semi-supervised Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval based on Graph CNNs, TU Berlin, 2021.
    Feng, Xiaoxin

  • Deep Learning based Image Compression and Hashing in Large-Scale Remote Sensing Archives, TU Berlin, 2021.
    Xiang, Jun

  • Sample-based Hardness Scores in Deep Learning Curricula: A new Perspective on Learning with Noisy Labels, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Burgert, Tom

  • Domain Adaptation for Tree Species Classification Using Remote Sensing Image, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Ha Minh, Thieu

  • Transformer-based Lightweight Visual Question Answering for Earth Observation, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Hackel, Leonard Wayne

  • Multi-Modal Vision Transformers for Multi-Label Remote Sensing Image Classification, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Hoffmann, David Sebastian

  • The Effects of Time Series Data Augmentation in Domain Generalization for Crop Type Mapping, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Happel, David

  • Physics-based Deep Learning for Precipitation Forecasting, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Moran, Stephen

  • Graph Data Augmentation in Remote Sensing Image Classification, TU Berlin, 2023.
    Schwarz, Kim

  • Multi-Scale Search and Retrieval for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Imagery, TU Berlin, 2023.
    Skowronek, Hanno

  • Learning-Based Hyperspectral Image Compression Using A Spatio-Spectral Approach, TU Berlin, 2023.
    Sprengel, Niklas

  • Self-Supervised Hashing for Cross-Modal Content-Based Time Series Image Retrieval, TU Berlin, 2023.
    Angyal, Oliver

  • Multi-Modal Vision Transformers for Crop Mapping from Satellite Image Time Series, TU Berlin, 2024.
    Follath, Theresa

  • Multi-Query, Cross-Modal and Scalable Content-Based Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing, TU Berlin, 2024.
    Arend, Mathis

  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Label Remote Sensing Image Classification, TU Berlin, 2024.
    Klotz, Jonas

Bachelor Theses

  • Super-Resolution of Multispectral Multiresolution Images by Generative Adversarial Networks, TU Berlin, 2019.
    Zhang, Kexin

  • Collaborative Learning Models for Classification of Remote Sensing Images with Noisy Labels, TU Berlin, 2020.
    Aksoy, Ahmet Kerem

  • Image Search and Retrieval from Remote Sensing Archives based on Similarity Ranking Functions, TU Berlin, 2020.
    Wagner, Matthias Jost

  • Compression of Remote Sensing Images based on Generative Adversarial Networks, TU Berlin, 2022.
    Korytova, Alisa